A Gloomy Day in Hong Kong

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It was a dull gloomy day in Hong Kong and I was lying down on my bed, watching CNBC as usual. I had a huge passion for the stock market. I had lost my job a few years ago when another company bought the company I was working at. I was wondering how it would feel like to work again. As I was dreaming about working for a big, famous company, I heard the reporter talk about a company that was going to go public soon. “ XTV are going to go public tomorrow!” the reporter exclaimed. “Here at CNBC, we believe that this company has a lot of potential and can grow into one of the biggest companies in the world!” “ Hmmm. Maybe I can invest in this company once they become public tomorrow. This could be a really good investment” I grinned. I may not have been rich but I certainly had enough money to buy some stock. I bought one share at $80.00. I was feeling very happy and decided to go out for a jog. After returning, I switched on the television and realized that the stock had gone up $2.00. “Terrific! This is beautiful! I now know how I will spend the rest of my life!” I said enthusiastically. I decided that I would wait some more before I decided what he would do next. I thought it over and I wanted to buy more stock. So, I bought three more shares at $82.50 each. I had a great day and went to sleep early. The next day, I woke up early and turned on the television. To my shock, it had gone up to $123.00! “This is amazing! This is beautiful! I shall be rich!” I cried. “ I

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