A Good Life Is A Central Goal Of Humanity

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Desire of seeking a good life is a central goal of humanity. A good life can be defined differently depending on perspective but they generally are based on what the individuals’ primary needs. However, because of financial shortage, health issues, and lack of communication qualities of a good life are interpreted in a compliance with requests. With the primary needs met, having a good life simply comes down to objects that people desire. In doing so, they must find the fundamentals of humanity and overlook the ideal person the world want to make to find truly a good life for oneself socially, morally even spiritually. The quality of a good life comes down to the balance of an inward habit and the outer world. Fundamental issue with humanity wants people’s approval. During a person’s lifespan, they confront and meet countless people and sooner or later, they must be approved in order to feel satisfied. They behave and act trying to fulfil the other person’s opinion. Nowadays person’s behavior, actions is constrained by society, code of conduct, and laws. (Edberg, 2013) Even high level of freedom cannot ensure the personal expression. Because of a lifestyle only convincing others, they live a severed life of their own. They believe they can postpone a good life until the future. Having a good life is a personal choice. If the person decides to increase the quality of his or her life, the person needs to overcome inward fear. Fear of the unknown retard the development
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