A Goodnight Sleep: Is Co-Sleeping a Good Idea? Essay

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Some parents of infants think co-sleeping is beneficial, however; experts do believe that this practice is very dangerous. Every parent has the decision to co-sleep (sharing a bed with your baby), its weather they do or not that counts. There are reasons parents decide for or against, for example; if you’re a heavy sleeper, you might accidently roll over and suffocate your child. You might not realize that something like could happen, but it can. “Most parents just figure it will be easier for them, it’s not like every parent of a newborn is going to spend hours re-searching reasons not to co-sleep” (lifescience) The way a child was raised, often influences the way they raise their kids. So if their parents co-slept with them then they …show more content…

Easier feedings in the middle of the night, for the mom and baby, especially for breast feeding. Lastly sleep is a big deal when you have a newborn, they cry a lot and this way the parents can be close and be able to take care of the problem. There are other options parents should consider that are equal to co-sleeping. Co-rooming, the baby doesn’t have to feel alone, however; the parents don’t have to worry if they do fall into that deep sleep. Spending time with your baby when you’re both awake, then at night you can both go into your own rooms. The Reasons to be against co-sleeping, parents need to bond with each other, talk about their day, and just cuddle. It would establish a better sleep schedule for the parents and the baby. Parents can take turns checking on the baby (if they decide that’s what would work for them.) Infants need to learn to sleep on their own. Parents schedule is sometimes different from the schedule the infant is supposed to follow, parents go to bed at a later time 10 or 11pm, and infants are supposed to around 7:30 or 8pm. Some cases there isn’t a reason co-sleeping should be considered. If infants have their own room from day one, then there won’t be a reason they ever need to. When a mother needs to breastfeed she can just go to the child’s room, even though it’s exhausting. Parents can take turns, and maybe even make a schedule that works best for them. Research has

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