A Great Children's Book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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In the 1800s a great author created a great book and inspired a different way of writing. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is known as one of best children’s story book. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most famous and enduring children's classics. The novel is full of whimsical charm, and a feeling for the absurd that is unsurpassed. The book begins with a young girl Alice, bored under a tree in the meadow by a river, reading a book with her sister. Everything seems perfectly normal and peaceful; there could be nothing more in keeping with the middle class Victorian world in which Carroll lived. The tale plays with logic giving the story lasting image with adults as well as with children. Its narrative course and structure, characters and imagery have been hugely influenced in both popular culture and literature, especially in the fantasy part. It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre. Our author Lewis Carroll is actually a name he chose as his author name as his pen name. He is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson born and raised in England Carroll had a very happy childhood. His mother was patient and friendly, and his father despite his religious work tutored all of his children and raised them to be well rounded people. Carroll frequently made up games for him and his brothers and wrote short stories and poems, which were similar to his later published works. Once he found writing it all came clear to him, it became his

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