A Great Leader Of The Past

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Leonidas: A Great Leader of the Past Everyone wants to be a leader whether it is in the present or the past, but not everyone can make a good leader. That is where the question comes in on what makes a good leader. People have looked at leaders in terms of how they lead and act. There are many ways to evaluate leaders, and this where Leonidas comes in. Out of many leaders, the greatest ones come from the military because they must have many qualities to take charge of great forces. To determine if Leonidas was a great military leader, first his life history must be looked at, then he must be evaluated in terms of army values, and finally he must be judged through the warrior ethos. To start off, one must look back on the time when Leonidas was born.
Leonidas was born in 540’s B.C. into the biggest military civilization that was around at that time. He was part of the Spartan civilization which was renowned for always being trained for war. If you are royalty it is expected that you are trained from birth to lead. Leonidas was not originally going to be called the King of Sparta, but his brother, and others that were going to be the king died. When he did become the King of Sparta things were not all that great for him because around 490 he had to deal with another invasion from the Persians. Several years earlier, the Persians under king Darius I had invaded Greece, but were defeated by the forces of Greece because they had combined themselves to prevent the Persians from
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