A Great Of Honor Great Americans

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A Great Way to Honor Great Americans
If you were given the task to build a museum to honor Great Americans, how would go about it? How would it look? Who would be featured? How you wanted to be perceived? Founder of the Hall of Fame had the honor to build such a museum. The Hall of Fame for Great Americans was created around the early 1900s, on land that used to be New York university’s campus. The Hall of Fame honors Ninety-eight men and women who were; inventors, educators and authors to name a few, in a form of bronze busts. The busts were engraved with their name, the year they were born, the year of their death and a statement made by them. The people who founded and designed the Hall of Fame were paying tribute to Rome and Greece, where America got their form of government from, the lack of diversity for African Americans and women sheds light to how America society was in the 1900’s and African American were inducted in this Hall of Fame for what they did for America.
The location of the Hall of fame, seems to be essentially to the whole design of the museum and for what the founder and designer were trying to convey. The museum is located behind the Gould Memorial Library, which was designed by the same designer for the Hall of Fame. The Gould Memorial Library was inspired by the Pantheon located in Rome. The circular ceiling with a round light fixture similar to the Pantheon’s sky light. The Library has tall columns on the outside, looking a replica of Pantheon.…
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