Our First President, George Washington, was a Magnificent Man

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George Washington!!!

This magnificent man was our first president. He was the first born child of his mother but not his father. His father was Augustine Washington, but had two other boys and one girl with his former wife Jane Butler who died in 1730. Augustine remarried Mary Ball in 1731 and on February 22, 1732 they had George Washington. In 1743 Augustine died and left Mary to take care of all the children they had together and the children he had with Jane. He had a total of ten children. George was only eleven when his father died and had to look up to his older half brother Lawrence for guidance. Lawrence tutored and tried to give George as much of an education he could. George was excited and ambitious to start learning. George had gotten close to his brothers wife and their children who were his nieces and nephews even though he was still in his teens. Lawrences wife was Anne Fairfax and they had four children together. Anne was very wealthy and influential which is what led Washington to working as a surveyor on the Virginia frontier. He was in his late teens when he started the surveying job.The job allowed George to be courageous and adventurous. He was able to visit so many places and explore different habitats. The job soon was able to allow George to be able to buy his own land, which led to him being interested in buying grants of land in the frontier.In 1751 something tradjic happened that effected George and all of his family. Lawrence was…