A Group Mental Health Practice

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Setting My internship site is a group mental health practice. There are more than 20 clinicians with various specialties at 2 office locations, providing services to community clients. Among the providers, there are psychologists, master’s level mental health counselors, and nurse practitioners. Psychologists and counselors see people for psychotherapy and nurse practitioners primary see people for mediation management. The majority of clients are insurance clients. There are a small number of private pay clients who are seen at this site. The clinicians at this site work with people of all ages and with a wide variety of concerns.
Identifying Information The client is a 13 year-old, Caucasian, female, who I will call “Steffani”. She is …show more content…

They asked whether they could come in on the same day. I agreed to see her. Steffani was tearful and indicated a sense of confusion. She stated that she did not know why she was feeling that she wished to be “gone”. She credibly denied having plan or intention. She also expressed a wish to not feel what she was feeling. Her mother was visibly distraught. She was worried about her daughter. At the same time, she presented with a wish to deny that her daughter was having an extraordinarily challenging feelings. I recommended that they would make regular therapy appointment with me for Steffani. Furthermore, I recommended her to be seen by a prescriber. Pharmacotherapy was actually proposed by Steffani; however, she did not wished her mother to know that it was her idea. Thus, I presented as my recommendation. I did so because agreed with Steffani that a medication, concurrent with psychotherapy, can be helpful for her mood. Her mother expressed ambivalence toward the idea of medication. Nevertheless, Laura made ongoing appointment with me as well as an appointment with a nurse practitioner at the site. Approximately 2 months later, Steffani reported feeling irritable. Then, a week later she reported having a depressed mood. She was worry that she would feel suicidal again. Her mother reported me that she gave Steffani an SSRI, which was

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