A Healthcare Organization

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The successfulness of a healthcare organization is determined by the many qualities and attributes its leader possesses when managing patient care. Such care, whether implemented at the micro, meso, or macro level, can prove to be beneficial or result in the failure of the organization structure when change is improperly addressed. Leaders, by using their knowledge and expertise, must foster care throughout all the various levels of management that is a reflection of bureaucratic thoughts and principles or one that is a reflection of the complex adaptive system. The complex adaptive system is a comprehensive system that is complex in nature and oftentimes can result in chaos and the failure of an organization when change is not properly managed. Throughout my profession, I have witnessed many styles of management and found this to be the most detrimental when change is being implemented. I feel that such style of control is what drives the good people away. A prime example of this style of management was seen with the launching of computerizing charting. Computers, as you may know, can be challenging for some, as well as overwhelming. This is especially true for the seasonal employees who are not so reluctant to any changes, and trying to grasp onto something new can result in a toxic environment where chaos and conflict are produced. The launching of Epic, which came about shortly afterward, fueled the fire even further and resulted in a very complex environment. Within the

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