A Hermeneutical Paper on the Book of Ruth

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A Hermeneutical Paper

A Paper on the Book of Ruth In Biblical Hermeneutics Presented to Michael Szuk Columbia Bible College

By Justun Chan March 17th 2008

1. Working independently of Bible study helps make an outline of the book of Ruth. To do this, read it through
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The geographic location of Moab is east of the Dead Sea and located southeast of Bethlehem which is all located in the ancient middle east. Noami and Ruth are both from the land of Moab, which makes Moab a very significance to their characters. The very location of Moab is not nesesarily important, but rather the history of Moab. Moab is region that is founded upon sin. The land was founded by Moab who is a son of Lot that was in result of incest with his daughters. War and bloody battles are also very rampant between Moab and Israel, which often makes Moab the enemy in the eyes of Israel. Animosity is common between the two nations of Moab and Israel and is often revealed in scripture. In Deuteronomy, it states that Moabites are forbidden to enter any sacred temples or synagogues (Deuteronomy 23:3). In other history, people often went to find mystics from Moab in order to curse and bring suffering to people. As Elimelech moves his family from Bethlehem to Moab, he reveals many characteristics about his attitude and it also serves as symbolic revelation for the reader. Not only is the act of fleeing from Bethlehem is against the commands of God, but Elimelech also travels to a land of his enemies. Within the story, Elimelech dies of some unknown cause, which is quite apparent of his consequences. The fact that both Elimelech's sons marry Moabite women show that their family was very
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