Analysis Of Ruth In James Mcbride's The Color Of Water

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In the book The Color of Water by James Mcbride the main character Ruchel, later Ruth, lived through some of the most dangerous and prejudice times in history. Being part of a Jewish immigrant family from Poland, Ruth’s childhood was everything but easy. Her father, Tateh, was a dictative man who mistreated his family and tried to control every aspect of their life. He also forced his racist and anti-Christian views upon those around him. Ruth’s mother, Mameh, was not much better than her father. Mameh allowed herself to be suppressed by Tateh and did little to help with the abuse of her children. As Ruth grew up her parents flaws helped to mold her into the person she became. Tateh’s abuse of Ruth and mistreatment of blacks resulted in her attraction towards men of color. As a child, Ruth was forced to work long hours in her father’s grocery store, immediately after school until close. After, long days of both school and work Tateh often crawled into bed with Ruth and molested her. Which ended in Ruth quickly growing to both fear and hate Tateh for what he put her through. The abuse he put her through also allowed her to sympathize with people of color as Tateh mistreated them as well. Ruth saw how despite the constant mistreatment of blacks, by both Tateh and others, they were always laughing. This happiness attracted Ruth and gave her hope that she could overcome her abuse and prosper. Considering Ruth’s hatred towards Tateh and his hatred towards blacks,even she admits

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