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Holiday Essay Have you ever had to leave a party because your dad was fully ready to cause serious bodily harm? I have. Every year we would go to two Fourth of July parties; now we go to one. I think everyone who has celebrated the holiday has at least one memory of the time something went haywire during Independence Day. Lots of people party on the Fourth of July and things tend to go wrong every now and then but it does not usually stop people from partying. In our case it did hinder the festivities. What could have happened that was so bad that we quit going? This is the story of the time a drunk man shot fireworks at children. Fourth of July is a big holiday for many Americans. We celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence from England in 1776. Most people celebrate by watching firework displays or setting of some themselves, if the weather and laws permit. America is a nation full of pyromaniacs. Who could blame us? Fire is fun. Fire is not the only fun thing about the Fourth though. Cookouts and parties are common, as is alcohol. Sometimes accidents happen when pyrotechnics and alcohol mix, such as: destroyed property, like a shirt catching an ember and having a hole burned through it, fires if the wind spends a spark dancing into a tree or some grass, missing fingers (do not hold firecrackers, I repeat do not hold firecrackers), and burns, sometimes, even if you do everything right, something could still go wrong. Some people find

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