A Human Race

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As a human race, we must learn how to sacrificially love. We have forgotten what it means to love without bounds, and our world has become self-indulgent because of it.
Sacrificial love is not often seen in our society that reeks of self-centeredness. However, amid the individualistic chaos, there are few that still practice the ancient art of loving others deeply. To understand what sacrificial love is, one must know that it is not something that brings selfish comfort or self-indulgent entertainment. The Browns, a family of nine (9), live in an underserved community that has been in the grips of poverty for too long, among some of the poorest people. While Doctor Brown was given the opportunity to live in a wealthy neighborhood in a large house with clean, rich neighbors, he and his wife chose to live among the poor and powerless. When the Browns gave up the lifestyle of the wealthy, it meant they had the opportunity to give their love and service to the lacking community around them. The word “sacrifice” means to give up something of value or worth, and “love”, like most know, means to have deep affection for someone or something. When combined, these two words gain a powerful, new meaning. To love sacrificially one must give something of oneself to another out of love. And the Browns’ life is a living testimony of what it means to practice love even when it means forsaking a comfortable life.
The beauty of being there for another, giving up of oneself, and one’s comforts

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