A Hunger Artist : Review : A Hunger Artist

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1. The title “A Hunger Artist” is controversial because the hunger artist both presents his fast as a show, while also being artless and uninspiring. Artists go to tremendous efforts to create or showcase their art, and that is what makes their art incredible. The hunger artist is dissatisfied because “he alone knew, what no other initiate knew, how easy it was to fast. It was the easiest thing in the world” (Kafka 270). Artistry cannot be attributed to a hunger “artist” who regards his art as simple. He is not an artist because he considers his “art of fasting” as easy, therefore it is not impressive. Artists must be professional and attempt various types of art in order to be successful. The hunger artist begins his time in a circus, but he does not have enough respect for his art to ensure that he has acceptable conditions. Due to the hunger artist’s extreme sensitivity in regards to his profession, “he avoided reading the conditions of his contract” (Kafka 274). The hunger artist, is not an artist because he has no respect for his art, or for himself as the artist. Contrarily, the hunger artist portrays many theatrics that illustrate him as a true artist. First, there is a manager who signifies that the hunger artist has a talent to exhibit. The impresario contributes to the hunger artist in the effort to dramatize his fast. At the conclusion of a fast, “the impresario came forward, without a word -- for the band made speech impossible -- lifted his arms in the air

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