A Interview At Chiropractic Associates

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The manager I interviewed was my mother, Elizabeth Teves-Roda, who was a manager from 1991 until 2000 at Chiropractic Associates. Her role was to run the office, train employees, assist in the hiring process of employees as well as the third party billing. She stayed organized by setting goals, creating a process that would work efficiently and effectively as well as create guidelines and structure for the employees. Something that she found that worked well as a manager was effectively communicating with others. Communication is key because the employee has to know what their job is and how to efficiently and effectively execute the task at hand.
She shared several things that tie into the class. One thing she talked about that tied into …show more content…

As a result of looking at the employees’ strengths, she was able to give them tasks that would help for an effective and efficient outcome. She also explained that it is important to give non-managerial employees a chance if they make a mistake. It is crucial for an employee to not only know what they did wrong, but how they can change to fix the problem and learn from it. An employee needs to be able to identify why something went wrong and be able to change their behavior. It is very important for employees to be able to correct mistakes and learn on the fly. Another thing that connects with things we have learned in class is motivation and how it can be hard to get someone to work efficiently if they truly do not enjoy their job. As she mentioned in the interview, there are just some people that do not want to do more than they have to. When talking about the most challenging task when it comes to being a manager, she mentioned how it is hard to rely on people. A reason this is hard is because some people, as mentioned before, do not want to do anything more than they have to. An organization wants people that are highly motivated, enjoy their job and someone that is dependable. In the interview, we also discussed her leadership. She is a person who leads by example. She found this a

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