A Jazz Concert Review

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First off the performance was amazing. It was held at the auditorium in building six, and it was called NightTime Jazz Band directed by James M. Broderick at eight pm on April 5th 2016. In this concert they played six songs; they started off with “Latin Dance” which was a very upbeat song really started off the concert right.After that we had “Misty”, a song were they introduced are first vocalist(Valeria Vargas) which was the main star along side a alto sax(Kevin Forte). Then came “Lady Bird” which was pure instrumental. In continuation we have “my old flame” which introduces a new vocalist (Jenna Gunter). After that “we get the look of love” which is another vocal jazz piece with another vocalist (Lourdes Artis). And to conclude the concert…show more content…
But I was astonished on how captivating the performance was. Starting off with “Latin Dance” I was sad at first that they didn’t have any Latin dancers dancing. Furthermore “Latin Dance” had an amazing upbeat tempo to it throughout the whole song, in addition to being very catchy and I found it hard not to tap my foot with the beat. This song had a lot of soloist, from all the saxophones to the drummer (Bryan Ocampo) and even the percussion (Josh Nunez). I was fascinated when I heard Bryan Ocampo (drummer) hitting the ride cymbal creating a ride rhythm and felt that I could appreciate that since I have learned it in Jazz & Pop. What I really enjoyed about this song is that most of the band members had a turn to solo, giving them a chance to show what they got. The first solo was tenor sax solo (William Perez) which was good and had pauses between notes and then increased to a faster pace. Next solo was by Kevin Forte (Alto Sax) which was my favorite solo and the longest solo out of all the saxophones. Kevin Forte really took the audients by storm with his fast pace catchy and overall great solo. The last soloist was an older gentleman (which I can’t seem to find the name of in the directory) which was also great but in my opinion, but didn’t bring that fresh sound that the younger kids brought. After that we had another amazing solo that blow me away by the drummer (Bryan Occampo) which had a seemingly flawless transition. In the solo the drummer had a good beat and seemed to be improving. This was my second favorite solo after the alto sax since my favorite genre of music is rock I always appreciate a good drummer solo. Also after the concert I went up to the drummer and was surprised on how nice everyone actually was. Last solo was from the percussion Congas (Josh Nunez) that I usually don’t see in jazz bands but
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