A Joint Venture With Pernod Ricard

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The Republic of Poland, also known by its shortened name of Poland, has strong ties to the United States. America has been a very powerful ally to Poland for many years. The spirits sector of Poland’s alcohol market is quickly growing with the vodka segment as one of the country’s largest sources of income. As a lucrative business already established in the US and attempting to enter Polish markets, we will enter a joint venture with Pernod Ricard, a very successful alcohol and spirits company with operations here in America and abroad in Poland. Through an in-depth look at Poland’s spirits market we will provide support for why we are choosing to enter Poland through a joint venture and how we plan to control our abroad operations. A strategic plan detailing how we will use our joint venture and then market, position, price, and promote our products are also included..
Pernod Ricard is an extablished alcohol and spirits company with operations in both the US and in Poland. In the past it has entered two lucrative joint ventures. The first took place in 1993 with Havana Club International, which was a 50/50 joint venture (Pernod Ricard, 18). In 2011 Pernod Ricard entered into a joint venture with Tequila Avión but it only held a minority percentage of 20% in this joint venture until recently (Viladon). In July 2014, it spent approximately $100 million to gain the majority share in this joint venture giving it control with 84% (Viladon). With this joint venture Pernod Ricard…

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