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On the first day of January, 1994, I came into this world. I was born in the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico or T or C for short. The town’s name came from the history of the town. The town was originally known as Hot Springs due to the hot springs the town was built on. In 1950, Ralph Edwards, The host of the quiz show Truth or Consequences announced that he would host his show in the first town that changed their name to the radio shows name. Thus T or C was born, and forty-four years later so was I. After three short years, it was time for the first of many moves to come. The first stop on my journey was Beeville, Texas. I ended up in this small town because of my parents. They brought us here because my parents owned…show more content…
Even though I was terrible at the game, it helped in setting goals for me to improve on. And then, as soon as my life in Ohio began, it came to an end. In late 1999, my dad got a promotion which meant that we would be moving again. This time we would be heading for Seattle, Washington. The trip to Seattle was one I would never forget. Before we left Ohio, my parents adopted a dog that would travel with us on the trip. Her name was Nikki and this Akita was quirky just like us. She made the long 2300 mile trip bearable. This two week trip was the definition of an old school American road trip. We did everything from visiting a Corn Palace in South Dakota, to other iconic American places like Mount Rushmore. As the trip went on, I started too really like seeing culture in the world. We arrived in Seattle right around the time of Y2K. The small outskirts of Puyallup would be our home. Seattle was much different than any part of Ohio. We traded our backyard view of a corn field for a front yard view of Mount Rainer. There were ships filled with iron boxes instead of a crop dusting plane. Instead of Enon’s constant sunshine, there was constant rain. Instead of soccer I was into baseball. I was also now in cub scouts during this time which is like a junior version of the boy scouts. 2000 also brought a few hardships the following year. 2001 was a year of adjustment for us. I was now enrolled at Pioneer Valley Elementary with my mom working at the school as a volunteer.

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