My Writing Journey Essay

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Coming from a completely a completely different side of the world where a completely different language is spoken, distinct cultural norms exist, I had to relearn what I previously knew so well. I would like to think of my writing journey as being divided into three stages of school, Elementary, Middle, and Highschool. Each stage equally important in bringing out my faults and mistakes in understanding the English language and ultimately leading me to unlock my full potential as a writer. My journey began as soon as I was put into my first “American” classroom (1st grade). It felt as if I was an alien that somehow got airdropped onto a foreign planet, everyone around me spoke in weird sounds and wrote strange symbols on paper. Days went by very slow as I struggled to keep up with the class, all the while trying to make sense of things and adapt to the new environment. One day the class was asked to copy down the alphabet as instructed by the teacher. This was when I got my first taste of writing in a different language. I found out that drawing letters and numbers that correlated with my native language (in aspects of shape and flow) were much easier to replicate. With the help of my supportive teachers and countless hours of practice and repetition I started to recognize letters for what they were and began to formulate simple sentence. Little did I know the importance of this stage as it was crucial in setting a solid foundation of understanding of grammar and vocabulary.

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