Essay about A Journey of Self Examination

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As the wise Greek philosopher Socrates ever so boldly put it, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In essence, in a bit mellower of terms, that is to say that if you do not take the time out to analyze the core values of your life, you are limiting the quality and depth of your life. In regards to this matter, I’d like to turn to some advice from Robert Gerzon. Robert holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. He has also authored a book called, “Finding Serenity in an Age of Anxiety”. “As a psychotherapist, I see so many tragic examples of the effect of an unexamined life. The good news is that it is never too late to start examining our life more thoroughly – and to reap the rewards.” (Gerzon) …show more content…

There are some irrefutable facts such as mathematical and logical truths. Any logical person, for example, would not attempt to deny an obvious fact such as that triangles have three sides or that two plus two is equal to four. “The truths of mathematics or logic will always be true.” (White)
The nature of reality is another philosophical issue which I had indeed considered before, although seemingly not carefully enough. I believe that the study of philosophy has definitely broadened my horizons. It’s also made me more cognizant of the fact that someone’s concept of reality may be plagued with false information and I also believe it has opened my eyes up to how much different people’s realities may vary. The Matrix is a good example of how realities may vary and how what one perceives as reality may in fact be an illusion. “In The Matrix, Neo discovers that what he thinks is “reality” is simply “appearance” generated by electrical impulses to his brain from a “neural-interactive simulation” designed by a race of machines to enslave humanity.” (White) As humans, we really can’t know with absolute certainty that we aren’t in some type of controlled simulation similar to that of The Matrix. However, we are rational human beings and as such, apply reason to come to the conclusion that this likely is not the case. An additional philosophical issue that I believe mostly everyone has, myself included, pondered is the purpose of life. Why are we here on

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