A Large Scale Version Of A Small Zip Lock Bag

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A microcosm is basically a smaller scale version of a greater population, or a miniature. At the beginning of this semester, we began the construction of our own “miniature worlds” within the confinements of a small zip lock bag. We observed the changes and growth of life inside these bags over the span of a few weeks. The reason for setting up these projects for weeks at a time, was to get a better range of how things change and grow over time, sort of like a smaller scale of how it would really be if grown outside the bag.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The materials that were used in this microcosm project consisted of soil, a handful if pro-mix potting soil, a variety of seeds and seedlings, a small square of leather, worms, H2O and CO2. …show more content…

The leather was added in order to begin the growth of moss in our microcosm. Once all of this was set up, we needed to add the living organisms, the worms. Being the first day, we only added 2 worms, one earthworm and 1 red worm. As soon as the set up was finished, we moved our microcosms to the back, to which they were kept at a standard temperature of 70.5°F, and at a humidity of 53%. It received natural lighting as well as light from 25watt incandescent light bulbs.
Week 1: By the second week, there wasn’t much preparation left, simply added 2 more worms, and added a bit more water.

Week 2: This was the last time more worms were added to the experiment, totaling a good 6 worms, 3 of each red worm, and 3 earthworms. Added H2O.
Week 3: No new forms of life were added, but the abiotic factors did end up changing, which would result in the microcosm changes being a bit different. The temperature was now changed to about 69 ° F, and the humidity went from 53% to 54.5%. The other factors such as light, remained constant. Added a bit of H2O in order to keep the microcosm moist for the worms to thrive and plants to grow.

Week 1: After simply one week, there was tremendous amount of growth in the microcosm. It was already full of small plant life. There were plenty of small sprouts from all the big seeds and small seedlings. For the garden bean, it grew to become approximately 150mm tall. The little peas

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