A Leader : A Machiavellian Leader

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The Philippines does not need a perfect Machiavellian leader in the present. I believe a great leader would be opposite of that of a Machiavellian leader. I also believe that a prominent leader would have good morals and ideal principles. A Machiavellian leader could care less about his/her citizens, since his only two options when governing states are either benevolence or destruction. He/She only cares about his/her state, which is ill-advised, since a leader cannot lead without the people’s approval or acceptance. However, our current leader encompasses numerous traits of that of a Machiavellian leader, which can be easily acceptable. As can be heard from his speeches, the president is self-reliant – which is the primary virtue of Machiavellianism. He manages to gain power by relying on his own prowess and the loyalty of thousands of police in the country through his numerous deeds. According to Machiavelli, this will lead to better decision-making and problem solving skills, which will then lead to great success. The Philippines has undergone a lot of changes ever since we Filipinos elected our current president, Rodrigo Duterte, last May – truly heeding the agenda of Duterte’s administration, which is “change.” Some changes can be considered as outstanding, while most of them are undeniably terrible or even controversial. One of the situations that stands out is the hundreds of dead alleged drug addicts/pushers/lords murdered on the streets by unknown vigilantes and
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