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A Letter to Children: Yourself is your wealth

Child, it is not necessary a bad thing if you want to be very rich when you are young. As long as there is something you desire, you will have the motivation to push your goals forward. Some people want to travel faraway, some want to look pretty, and some want to become a super star. They are just like you; people who have their dreams and with interesting. But when you grow up in age, you have to maintain this ability to know the thing you want, even though it might be very different from what you want for today.

There are five things that I have to tell you. The first thing is that if you want an apple, you need to plant apple trees first. And if you plant apple trees, you need to
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In some areas where everybody know there will be chances to earn money, but they actually cannot earned a lot of money because too it is too crowded there. Therefore the way to earn money is keep hidden, is different from the conventional and general rules. So wealthy people are usually the one being quite naughty, assertive, curious about many things, and often explore what interested them in their child age with adventure and courage. Those are only ways that gives your chance to explore and familiar with these uncertain things on your mind; cultivate yourself in the face of uncertainty to obtain your courage to risks and learn to be calm. However, being an obediently child would be heading towards opposite direction for achieving your dreams of wealth.

Thirdly, you need to fully obtain certain ability to manage things like decision-making and management to acquire and manage your great wealth which means you need to have your own ways of logic, ideas, approach and determination. I cannot imagine someone who only waits and listens to his/her parents or teachers’ opinions will be able to obtain such potential. What we need is someone who has their own insight, make their own choices, take their own actions, and collecting their own experiences. As well as someone who have the courage to take responsibility for their mistakes. I have been repeating to myself that a powerful leader is somebody who can lead and make others work with him, and be the
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