A Life Beyond Do What You Love, By Dr. Gordon Marino

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The Sunday Night Blues: a case about 59% of Americans come down with every Sunday night before starting the work week ahead. These people absolutely dread going to work every week, the majority of them wishing they could be able to quit their jobs and chase after their passions. A highly credible philosophical professor named Dr. Gordon Marino, made an entire article arguing why it would be inadequate and unethical for someone to quit a job that is necessary in order to provide for something bigger than oneself, that working or indulging in comfortable positions makes people miss out on the traditional connection of talent and duty. In Dr.Marino 's article, " A Life Beyond Do What You Love", he creates an effective argument about the traditional standard of self-fulfillment which is the capability of being able to avoid indulging in personal interests in order to serve something bigger than oneself. He builds his main argument by using anecdotes and hypophora 's to introduce the central investigation of his article, then addresses strong counter-arguments to his stance, and finally, uses highly credible historians to appeal ethically to the audience. He adopts a philosophical tone in order to appeal to similar experiences or thoughts his adult audience may have. Marino begins to build up his analysis of his main argument by acknowledging several anecdotes in the article to demonstrate his experience and credibility as to why people should develop talents in order to

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