Essay about A Lifelong Calling into the Orthodox Christian Church

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The Orthodox Christian Church holds true to the teachings of Christ as given by Him to His apostles. The Orthodox Christian Church is universal and Orthodox Christians have a faith and doctrine of Jesus Christ Our Lord as Head of the Church.
To date, the Orthodox Church teachings promote the central role of youth and children in the mission of the church. Being an Orthodox Christian is a lifelong calling to whoever is baptized and chrismated in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Right from child hood, we as Orthodox Children share in the Holy mysteries of the faith. The Holy Liturgies and prayers emphasize the mystical transformation of the child to dress up in Christ and to follow Christ forever.
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We should wake up, walk, work and sleep again dressed up into prayer, asking God to always be with us and to forgive our sins committed in word, thoughts or deeds knowingly and unknowingly .In this way, we as youth will become the pillar of progressive community life and happiness. We do not need to be rich with lots of money, property, land, clothes, and so on to live an Orthodox life. These come to us automatically if we patiently follow the footsteps of our forefathers and after Jesus Christ himself.

No matter what the era or generation, there will always be the pressure of bad spirits and demonic teachings by hypocritical liars who will seek to divert us from our Orthodox faith for many reasons be it greed, jealousy, and many other sinful actions they want to send our way. We should aim at becoming truly Orthodox in daily life styles. Never going to excess or taking to the temptations of the flesh.
We can become intimidated by these pressures of society and succumb to peer pressure. But we must remember, ’Orthodox Christians have moral codes by which we must and should live. If it happens that the code runs contrary to the (sinful) 'way of life' of the given society in which we live, we should and must adhere to the higher way of life which is our Orthodox Christian way of life. Our Orthodoxy cannot be determined or influenced by

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