A Lifetime Of Hardship : The Systematic Oppression Of Minorities

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Willie Radford
Rough Draft #1
A Lifetime of Hardship:
The Systematic Oppression of Minorities in the United States
Minorities are an endangered species. Not only are they targeted by the police, but are also subject to ridicule and misrepresentation in the media. Back when racism was above the surface, when raping, killing and lynching of blacks was a Sunday afternoon activity, is where we start to see the systematic oppression of minorities in the media. White males would paint their faces black, and exaggerate facial features such as the lips and nose, and mock the black community. Even in today’s society, we have sports teams called the Chiefs and Indians, which Native Americans have made clear are offensive to their history and culture, yet no changes have been made. Many people turn a blind eye to the fact that minorities are targeted by the media and it is not always obvious. To be able to spot some of the inequality in the media, one has to really be aware, and analyze how different races are being portrayed.
In various cases when African American’s are involved in riots, it deals with the social injustice of their people. For example, the Rodney King beating, the 2009 Bart shooting, Ferguson, Treyvon Martin, as well as the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. In each case African American’s were portrayed as rowdy, thieves, looters, and the media only focused on those labels rather than the reason they were rioting. In 2014, the San Francisco Giants won

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