A Little History On The U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs And The Veterans Health Administration

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A little history on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) which happens to be the largest of three administrations sections within the department. The primary mission of the VHA is to provide quality medical care and services to America’s military Veterans. VHA operates one of the largest health care systems in the world In addition they responsible for providing training to the majority of America’s medical, nursing, and allied health professionals. This account roughly for more 60 percent of all medical residents whom obtain a portion of their training at VA hospitals and our medical research programs benefit society at-large. Today’s VHA continues to meet Veterans’ changing medical, surgical, and quality of life needs. New programs provide treatment for traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide prevention, women Veterans, and more. For that reason the VA diligently seeks to bring into the administration reliable and highly motivated people. The mindset within the administration that is essential to providing quality health care. With that being said the Department of Veterans Affairs, Human Resource department is vitally important to bringing into all facets of the organization quality personnel in order to accomplish such a complex mission. During a recent interview that conducted with one of VA Human Resource Professional, the following questions were posed to her:
1. I wanted to know in an effort…
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