A Long-Standing Issue Within The Community Of Nursing Is

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A long-standing issue within the community of nursing is an inconsistency of care related to patients who present multiple times to the emergency department. The journal article, Patient experience in the emergency department: inconsistencies in the ethic and duty of care, explores the issue of multiple presentations to the emergency department, the ethics and duty of care they receive, and how it directly affects the patient’s ongoing management of health needs. The article addresses a study where 34 people with a chronic illness who have multiple presentations to the emergency department are interviewed regarding the appropriateness or inappropriateness of care they received during these visits. From these interviews four “moral …show more content…

When this client-centered approach is used, it promotes patient confidence in medical personnel and ensures that when the patient leaves the Emergency department (ED) they have a firm understanding of their follow up care and plan. This makes the patient more likely to be compliant with follow up care, and self-management of their chronic issues. (Cheryle Moss, 2014)
We should all be striving to provide this holistic approach that leaves the patient not only treated competently and completely, but also leaves them feeling as though they understand what has been done, and what needs to be done to improve their health and well-being. This will not only lead to better outcomes, but less waste because the patient will be more involved and informed of their healthcare needs and decisions.
The next category of experience that the article identifies is: ‘consistent duty of care’. This level of care describes a caregiver who is competent and efficient, but does not base the care on a “patient-centered” model. The article identified a higher percentage of care scenarios that matched this description at 37%. Many of these patients were acutely ill patients that required immediate stabilization and efficient treatment. Some of the patients fitting this category may have had an altered level of consciousness during treatment as well, but they recall the efficacy of their care and are appreciative. The patients that typically receive this type of care have trust that

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