Applying Ethicak Framework in Practice

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Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice
Grand Canyon University: Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare
Lisa Firkus
October 27, 2013

Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice

Care providers strive to provide care that is patient focused that maintains confidentiality and respect. This paper is about the maintenance of patient confidentiality and the trusting relationships that must be maintained between the patient and the healthcare providers.

Ethical Implications of Breaching Confidentiality
Patients seek care and treatment in hopes of receiving confidential, unbiased, honest, and respectful treatment. They also expect that care providers maintain their personal values and beliefs related to their care. As healthcare
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In this situation, honesty about testing and possible results should have been discussed with the patient and an informed, realistic action should have been explained. The next step would be to evaluate the relationship with the patient and her parents and encouragement of an open and honest relationship. If the patient were to continue to decide that the notification of the parents was out of question then resources to discuss the results of the testing with the patient's parents would have been an alternative. Care providers should guide care that is respectful of the individual, offer alternatives, provide concrete facts related to the care needs, and offer support systems that will aid in the making positive choices. The application of this framework allows the patients to experience the greater good with no harm. It provides a clear framework that fosters openness and honesty between the patient and the care providers.

Ethical committee An ethics committee is a consultation group that assists in the resolution of conflict and answers in moral and ethical questions related to patients. Ethics committee's tenants are based upon the principals of beneficence, to do good, non-maleficence, to do no harm, respect for autonomy, fairness, truthfulness, and justice. Their main goals are to promote the rights of patients, share

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