A Look Into Why The Levees Failed During Hurricane Katrina Essay

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A look into why the levees failed during Hurricane Katrina?

November 13, 2016

Table of Contents

Abstract Page 3

Report Pages 4-7

Conclusion Page 8

Works Cited Page 9-10

This research project is “A look into why the levees failed during Hurricane Katrina?” This report includes a brief description of the intensity, size and the destructive impact of Hurricane Katrina. It also states the observations of the levee failures at different sites and areas. There were five levees that are discussed in this report: the 17th Street Canal, London Avenue Canal – North, London Avenue Canal North - across from the breach, London Avenue Canal – South, and outside New Orleans.
There are so many myths, opinions, and facts regarding why the levees failed during Hurricane Katrina. Our research is to see if we can find out the facts.
Investigators found some structural reasons for the failure of the levees. The I-wall system is the type of floodwall protection system that was used with sheet piling. The coastal erosion that is occurring at such a fast pace and rate is negatively impacting the levee system. The sandy, brittle soil that does not have much strength in the foundation is a determining factor in the erosion. This does not set a strong foundation to act as the base to withhold the

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