A Look at Desegregation as a Part of a Larger Phenomenon in American History

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The term "melting pot" for America came about during the early 1900s in reference to America's acceptance of all immigrants and races during the time period. America has, since the coining of the term, proven that it was an artificial label with little resemblance to the truth. Throughout history a great deal of white Americans practiced seclusion, segregation, and alienation of rights for non Anglo-Saxon peoples. Perhaps none have suffered more than the African Americans at the hand of Anglo-Saxon Americans. In his "South Carolina Schools and Colleges Desegregation" manuscript William E. Rone details the hard fought court cases against educational segregation in South Carolina during the 50s and 60s as well as events which related to those cases. The cases depict a story of intolerance, disregard for the law with respect to desegregation, and outright harm to non-white Americans. Knowing America's past and present one could say that America is more akin to an un-tossed salad than a melting pot. All the pieces coexisting together, yet perpetually divided by racial and cultural barriers as well as anger and fear of the unfamiliar. America, and the South especially, provided substandard segregated schooling and amenities for African Americans which perpetuated the culture gap and only widened the separation of races in America during the mid 1900s. One such example of the disparity between white and black schools was busing in Clarendon County South Carolina. Often

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