A Marketing Plan For Home Grown Juice Company Essay

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1.0 Executive Summary
As a Marketer of Home Grown Juice Company I am assigned to develop a marketing segmentation plan. A good marketing plan is one of the major tools of a marketer to be successful in the business. For this purpose I have selected Home Grown juice as a product and made a marketing plan of its product.
Home Grown Company serves both the consumer market, as well as local restaurants. In this instance I will succeed in developing a profitable business through the use of our two competitive advantages, quality and flexibility. The local farmers of fruits and vegetables cannot produce enough products to satisfy local demand and also other beverage company can’t satisfy the consumer through their product. I see this as a market opportunity and I am planning to grab it.
Home Grown Company’s mission is to provide the highest-quality real Fruit Juice. We want to attract and maintain customers. I have provided these details based on my own knowledge and collected information from different sources.
1.1 Company’s Profile

Business Address: Hastings New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 878 8140
Type of Organization: Family Business (Admin, 2015) 1.2 Vision: I have visualized a marketing system that quickly and efficiently supplies nutritious, wholesome and affordable fresh real juice to the target customers. Our product must be diversified according to the consumer need. We have to create our market demand and grow

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