Hawaiian Punch: Go-to-Market Strategy Essay

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Hawaiian Punch is the leading brand of fruit drink brands in the United States and has a long history of satisfying customers. The Hawaiian Punch brand traces its roots back to the 1930’s when it was developed as tropical-tasting syrup for ice cream and later sold as a drink. The brand has been owned by several different companies over the years and was recently purchased by the Cadbury Schweppes Company from Procter and Gamble Corporation. Hawaiian Punch joined the Dr. Pepper-Seven UP Inc. bottling network, which is the third largest carbonated soft drink bottler in the United States. This allowed the brand to be distributed in the soft drink aisle of the supermarket. The brand is unique in that it is sold in two different sections…show more content…
Hawaiian Punch has much less control over the sale and distribution of the brand in the direct to store network and sold much less in volume, but does receive very high gross margin contribution after marketing. This network accounts for only eighteen percent of total brand sales but contributes forty-one percent of the gross contribution of the brand. The target market is also different from the finished goods network. In the direct to store model the target market is households with children six to seventeen years old, focusing on teenagers. This needs to continue since this category, carbonated soft drinks, is over twenty-eight percent of the total beverage market and has been growing in both volume and market share. By being in this distribution network, it allows for not only additional sales but the ability to target a different market segment, the teenage; who most likely drank Hawaiian Punch from the juice aisle and now will choose it from the carbonated drinks aisle.

Innovation Innovation is important to both distribution channels, but more important to the finished goods model since the juice category has seen a decrease on both volume and market share. At the same time the carbonated soft drinks market has grown in both volume and market share. In order to increase the volume sold in the juice aisle a brand extension should be developed. By adding more SKU’s and promoting to the eight to twelve year old group, sales
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