A Meaningful Life

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A Meaningful Life in Different Cultures
The Greek Alexander Romance describes the life of Alexander the Great, focusing primarily on his great military feats as a leader of Greece and highlighting why people remember him as a great Greco-Roman leader. Similarly, the Gospel of Matthew explains the life of Jesus Christ through his teachings and miracles, which underlines why people know him as the greatest figure from Judeo-Christian culture. Alexander and Jesus are similar in that they died in their early thirties, were kings, and underwent numerous triumphs on earth. Alexander sought to build his empire and essentially rule the world through victories on the battlefield by conquering neighboring countries. Jesus sought to destroy evil on earth by establishing God’s Kingdom and teachings in the hearts of all. Comparing the lives of these great Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian leaders highlights the differences in cultural opinion on the highest good in life, how one obtains that good, and what that means in connection to an afterlife. Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman perspectives on elements of a meaningful life contrast in that Judeo-Christians are motivated by the desire for everlasting life in heaven to pursue the elements of a meaningful life, while Greco-Romans are motivated by the desire for perpetual fame on earth after one dies.
Both Alexander the Great and Jesus Christ establish relationships with their communities in order to obtain their highest good in life. In an
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