A Memory Of Reading Is Not Necessary A Positive One

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Development Nicole’s first memory of reading is not necessary a positive one. To her, she sees it as another example of a teacher not taking the time to care about her as a person, but rather as another person the teacher had to teach. Nicole remembers in first-grade they had the students read to the teacher individually; she does not remember the title, but it was always the same book. The reason she knows it was the same book is because she would always get in trouble for not reading one word: “dam.” At home, Nicole’s mother always told her not to use curse words and she did not want to disappoint her mom. Nicole was unaware that “dam” and “damn” were different words. She found the activity easy but was never able to move on because of …show more content…

She felt they did not care for her as a person, so she did not take their teaching seriously. Nicole’s favorite teachers throughout her schooling experience were the ones who essentially emotional connections with their students. If she felt the teacher did not care, she did not take them or their teaching seriously; and that was the case in sixth and seventh grade. Nicole struggled academically during those years. Not because she did not know the content, but because she was not going to try if her teachers were not going to. In eighth-grade that all changed, she had a spectacular teacher: Mr. English. With his guidance, Nicole got her first A+ on a paper; still one of her favorite moments of middle school. She claims eighth-grade was the first year she started trying again. Also, it was the first time she developed a passion for one of the subjects in school. Nicole loved math in eighth grade, however, they would eventually subside. During high school, Nicole felt like her grades show a close correlation to the effort the teacher portrayed. If she felt her teacher did not care, she did not try in the class. For example, at Angola High School one must pass two of the three sections: first semester, second semester, and the final exam. Nicole had no intention on according college after high school, so she only tried if she felt her teacher cared for her. During her sophomore year, she failed her first class. It was the only class she

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