A Method Of Systems Analysis And Application Design

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A methodology can be defined as “a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity” (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/methodology, 09/11/14). In our case a methodology is a method of systems analysis and application design. One of the popular methods which is widely used in the United Kingdom, particularly by government bodies, is Structured Systems Analysis and Development Methodology (SSADM). There are six parts to SSADM; • The project initiation and feasibility study. • Investigation and Analysis. • Design. • Implementation. • Testing. • Installation • Maintenance Each database development methodology is linked with a development life cycle model. System development life cycle is a sequence of activities that is performed when a system is analyses, designed and implemented. The two most common ones are Waterfall and Rapid Applications Development (RAD). The life cycle that is usually linked with SSADM is Waterfall. The First waterfall phase of SSADM is initiation and feasibility • Feasibility study: - address two main questions, which are, Is the projects feasible and can it be justified? At the stage of feasibility study the implications and costs of development are not known. Feasibility study includes the following points:- • Purpose: - which deals about updating the existed projects or making brand new projects. • System scope: - Identifying what part of the projects considered developing or avoiding. • Problem and
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