A Milestone Essay

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Maturity: A Milestone Grace, a fourth grade student, sat with her parents at the park. The excited little girl was telling her parents all about her teacher, Mrs. Triple, when something caught her eye: a red butterfly fluttering about the colorful flowers. She immediately ceased speaking and bolted over to see what this fabulous creature was! The way that it glided from flower to flower simply entranced her; Grace thought this creature was the most fantastic thing in the world. It simply amazed her that something so small could be so beautiful; as a result, she watched the butterflies in the park for hours. Unfortunately, her parents did not appreciate this behavior as their daughter was not paying attention to them. They told her that was …show more content…

That doesn't sound like much, I realize, but she was terrific to hold hands with” (Salinger 89). This quote proves that, in his youth, Holden was completely satisfied with holding hands with someone rather than having sex with them. Consequently, hormones change when people get older; Holden was no exception to this normality. After a long day of traveling and ditching school, Holden checked into his hotel room and described how he felt after a long day: “I was feeling pretty horny. I have to admit it. Then, all of a sudden, I got this idea. I took out my wallet and started looking for this address a guy I met at a party last summer, that went to Princeton, gave me. Finally I found it. It was all a funny color from my wallet, but you could still read it. It was the address of this girl that wasn't exactly a whore or anything but that didn't mind doing it once in a while” (Salinger 71). He deliberately made the choice to call up someone he barely knows for a single purpose: sex. This is absolutely not something a child does; Holden seemed to be transitioning into an adult. His innocence was finally fading into nothingness! However, the woman told him she could not meet him late at night, but she happily stated that she could meet up on the following evening. Foolishly, Holden immediately responded: “‘I can't make it tomorrow,’ I said.

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