A Mission Trip : Puerto Nuevo Essay

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For this mission trip I will be traveling to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico with nine other people to help fill a small orphanage with the necessary supplies they will need. While doing this we want to spread the Word of God to the children and workers of the orphanage. We will be focusing on those are eighteen and younger, and will be making sure we give them an abundance of supplies, so the orphanage can use the supplies we give them for years. Once we fully supply the orphanage, we will be there for the children. We want to make them feel safe in an unsafe environment and introduce God into their lives to let them know that he will always be watching over them.
Mexico is the fourteenth largest country in the world with several different ethnic groups within it. Sixty percent of the country is made up of the American-Spanish group, the Amerindian group makes up thirty percent, and the rest of the country is white. In the country Spanish is the dominant language that is spoken with 92.7 percent of the country speaking it, and the other 8 percent speak indigenous languages like Mayan and Nahuatl. The main religion in Mexico is Catholicism with pre-Hispanic Mayan elements incorporated into it (“Mexico culture”, n.d.) In Mexico there are multiple classes and divisions that divide up the people. The small percent of the upper class controls the poverty and wealth of the country, so a majority of the people live in poverty. The government tries to downplay how many people are truly

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