Mexican American Dream

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“Hispanics and the American Dream” from Imprimis starts off with a description on how Hispanics are one of the biggest and fastest growing races in the United States. Even though Hispanics are growing at an alarming rate, it was noted that their economical history could have been seen as the worst out of all the minority groups. Hispanics were seen to be at the bottom of society and reaching the American Dream was farfetched. This is the image many individuals in society see, and it is the image that covers up the success that many middle class Hispanics have had on the economy and culture. Many newspapers and magazines displayed a common trend that the inclusion of the words Hispanic, Latino, and poverty were all being used together frequently. It was as if “Hispanics” and “poor” were just two words that always went along with one another. This does not put out a good image of the Hispanic community because there are Hispanic groups that do well for themselves such as the Cubans. On the other hand, the Mexican American group’s progress seems to be at stagnation. Persistent discrimination can be seen as one of the reasons as to why many of these minority groups are failing to close the gap between them and the whites. The poor may climb at a healthy rate, but if the rich are climbing at an even healthier and faster rate, then that gap will still exist. The Hispanic population grows at an alarming rate, but this infuses all of the people who were immigrants and

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