A Modern Crime Or A Masterpiece?

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Myra: A Modern Crime or a Masterpiece? Controversial art is inevitable, some more profound than others. The majority of these works exhibit a distaste for conformity, therefore upsetting much of the public. But, the idea of each unique piece explores this psychological rejection in order to traffic popularity. Many of these artists, as a consequence fall into infamy- but they are obsessed over as much as the classics. Great art, however, is only achieved once the creator is successfully able to unnerve the audience. The viewer must step out of his or her’s defined boundaries of comfort and face these reproductions of monsters throughout history. Criminals of all scales find themselves recreated in pop culture, even the most unsettling of…show more content…
In 1977, Myra was exhibited in a controversial show- Sensation. Artwork from young British artists of the Royal Academy of Art in London were featured, having secured its status as the most important piece in the exhibition’s entirety. Norman Rosenthal, the secretary comments “Myra as very cathartic work. The artist’s intentions are clear in a somber and serious tone, yet rejection of the piece was soon to follow. After backlash from an angry press, vandalism found the painting- smashed glass, eggs, and ink damaged the painting, and it was removed in lieu of repairs. During the public vandalization, two art students of the academy were verbally assaulted by a man who was in the process of repainting Myra in blue and red ink, “They should be ashamed of themselves”, they were unsure of the reaction’s escalation- after the revisions, jokes were made about how she “looked like she had a bloody nose” and donned the “bruises” well. This preceded the statement of question- How could anyone be allowed to gain money or fame out of children’s deaths. This, however, was not the end. Winnie Johnson, a victim’s mother, would soon make an
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