A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift explains an idea about a society who can’t take care of children. Swifts explains that families who cannot provide food to their children and provide an economical future, should just sell their children as food. He convinces his readers that his proposal can solve the prevalent issue during his time. Most of his ideas could be inspired by Swifts background and it could have influenced his point of view of the issue. However, Swift ideas are just too harsh and people may never be able to accept them. Even though the idea sounds gruesome, Swift uses a witty and comical tone of voice. Yet, readers mistake Swift’s tone with the narrator tone making it difficult for reader to understand the argument Swift is trying to present. A Modest Proposal about an argument between the author and a Proposer of an idea that can help Ireland economically. The essay talks about the economic state of Ireland and how it is terrible. There are families going around the streets of Ireland and begging, even the children are begging as well. The children eventually grow up to be thieves or leave their homeland to go fight for the Pretender in Spain. This is because of the population of Ireland is very high and the parents could feed their children the first year then they learn to beg. The Proposer proposes an idea that can fix the economic, population and hunger issue. He states that parents should sell their children at the age of one to the high class of

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