A Narrative Essay About Moving To A New Place

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In 2009 my parents had made a decision that was going to flip my world and everything I have ever known upside down. I lived in Tennessee with my mother, sister, and grandmother from the time I was five until I was the age of nine. My father who had been living overseas in Japan for five years had found a job that was going to bring us all back together as a family again. The only complication was that it was going to take me away from my friends I had grown up with and from the only town I ever knew. I had a plethora of mixed feelings about the move. I was eager to go to a new place and make new friends, but I was afraid because I was leaving my comfort zone and all the people I grew up with. I had such tight bonds with all of my friends through sports, cub scouts, school and our parents that it made it difficult to say goodbye. …show more content…

I began the fifth grade three days after I was all moved in and it was an extreme change. I went from having friends to not knowing a single person. All of the kids had grown up together and had all their friends and I was an outsider seeking acceptance. I made a few friends and was off to a great start, but then it all started to get rough. The kids I was trying to fit in with would not accept me and it baffled me. I started to get angry because my parents had moved me down to Florida and I was having the worst time. I hoped it was going to get better, but unfortunately it started to get worse. For some reason I just could not gain acceptance In my school. All through middle school, I only had one friend that really stuck with me through it all. Everyone else excluded me and it was a tough time for me. I had friends on my travel baseball teams, but of course they all went to other schools. I couldn't quite understand why I was so excluded by my peers in my school. I was no different then them in my

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