Dry Land Obstacles

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From time to time, in your pursuit of doing what you strive to do, there will be roadblocks or obstacles getting in the way of your success. Most people simply give up at that point, stop trying with the excuse of, “it’s not worth it,” or “it’s too hard.” If I had done that and quit at the first few obstacles, I would have never been able to come to the point that I am at today. If I hadn’t had the willpower and grit to do the things that I had done, then I might have still been an amateur swimmer, have barely any friends, and not have advanced as a mathematician. Overall, overcoming your fears, trusting yourself, and having the determination to pass anything in your way will result in a great amount of eminence, success, and contentment. …show more content…

The sets given to us during the two hours made me feel as if my arms and legs had fallen off, but you know the saying, “What is impossible now will one day be your warm-up,*” and that is exactly what happened. I started by simply trying harder and putting more effort in the program which provided minimal benefits. After realizing that this would not be enough, I started dry-land training at home. Dry-land training is basically specific exercises that help tone and make the muscles you use to swim stronger. It also includes agility and speed training. After doing this for quite a while, I realized an enormous increase in my swimming level. I also started being accepted into more teams and had more practice time because of it. I was now almost always the first person in my lane (first person is the fastest out of the lane)during practice. I also noticed that my swim times were profoundly improving by the week. Even though all of these great things were occurring, I would wake up some days, with sore legs, arms, neck, back, and almost every other part of my body. It was strenuous for me to push …show more content…

Of course this provided many new and invigorating experiences, but it also gave me a sense of alienation, or the state of being isolated from an activity or group where one should belong in. Wherever I moved, I would see groups of people who had known each other since kindergarten or first grade and think “How is that possible?” because for me, that was never an option. This constant cycle of making relationships just before having to leave them forever made me a very big introvert. I know you may think that going through this and encountering it many times would make me outgoing and gregarious however that was not true in my case. Always being the “new kid” is not the most pleasing position and to make matters worse, I was usually the youngest one in the grade. Moving to Ridgewood was one of the hardest moves because before I had entered a new school in kindergarten to fourth grade, which was not as hard because you could make a friend by simply sitting next to them on the swings, but in fifth grade, I had thought that everyone was already in their certain clique and didn’t need another member joining them. During the first few months of school, I was the kid in the back who didn’t talk other than

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