A Narrative On A Hero's Journey

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"Knock knock," I hear coming from the door. I open the door carefully to avoid alarming any other rebels at this hour of the night. Lincoln bounces through the doors with armfuls of food and supplies. "Come on guys, get up Lincoln is here," I whisper to my sleeping team, tapping them on the legs to help them awaken. One by one they slowly open their eyes. Lincoln stalked over to the speaking rock. Lincoln is dressed in his usual black t-shirt and camouflage pants, but they are now saturated in water with mud patches from his mid calves to his shoes from trenching through the mud. His hair pulled back into 3 cornrows on the top of his head, he has a small black earring in the cartilage of his left ear. "We have lost another brave rebel this week, her name was Shay." This is the third rebel we have lost this month and unfortunately the 8th one since the beginning of the riots against Trumbauer in 2017. Trumbauer first came into the eyes of …show more content…

We planned for him to be captain of our outside team. And when he was 8 we sent him out. He is stronger, smarter and more confident than anyone else in our group. We train all of our new children in the same way as what we did for Lincoln, and our team is now strong. Today we say goodbye to the innocent looking child. The child sitting by the window, looking at the adults of the world, flying past to their jobs. They have lost their hope, their passion and their happiness. We say hello to a stronger generation with opinions and creativity, never allowing the world’s needs to swallow our needs. Lincoln gazes over at our flag and says, “Shays death isn't the only reason I am here. I am here with great news. We have won. Trumbauer has surrendered. He was weak and broken. He crumbled to his knees and begged for mercy. We have locked him and all of his minions in Block C60. We have gained our freedom, we can now think for ourselves. All of this has paid off. We have

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