A Nation Of Vidiots By Sach

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Before we television existed people had to depend on Radio stations to receive there little bit of entertainment and news. But in 1878, the invention of TV began. The first TV made didn’t look anything like the way TV’s look today, it was a mechanical camera with a large spinning disc attached to it (Kids Work). But as over the years, of course inventions of different TV’s progressed and by the 20th century about 90 percent of our population had a TV in their household(). Television today is mainly used for people take a break from their life by relaxing and enjoying some entertainment. In Sach’s essay “A Nation of Vidiots,” he explains how he believes that the use of television that we intake can contribute to making our people become unhealthy and dumb. In his essays he explains how two thirds of the people in America are obese, one for their bad eating habits and the other reason for watching an unhealthy amount of TV. Sach’s then says that TV is making us dumb mentally by all the TV programs and advertisement that is shown to us. For example, TV ownerships and Politian’s use commercials with catchy tunes to grab viewers’ attention. And with that catchy took and advertisement, the viewer will be anything, which leads them to become less aware of reality and facts. Although Sach’s makes valid points in his essay, I don’t fully agree with him. I do agree with Sach’s when he implies that the use of Television can make us unproductive and fat but I don’t agree that
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