A Need for Gun Control but Not the Governments Form Essay

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What is gun control? Gun control is the government controlling what a person can and cannot do with their guns. In the United States there is about 200,000,000 guns, which is about as many people as there is in the country (Carter). If a person is deprived of all their gun privileges, crime would be at a major high, because people wouldn’t be able to defend themselves from others. If someone robs a person’s house in the middle of the night, many people would prefer a gun to defend themselves than whatever is closest, like an umbrella. People do not fully understand guns, or what gun control actually is; therefore people have to understand or society could be in trouble. Guns should be controlled but not to the extent that the government …show more content…

People would have a way to fight back a way to defend themselves. Now not every person is going to carry a gun, but many people already do. A person has every right to defend them, and carrying a gun could make that a lot easier. People do not understand guns, and that is dangerous. Many things can come from understanding guns, like safety, knowledge, and responsible ownership. When most people think of guns they just think of pistols, but there are many more. Guns are normally broke into three categories, hand guns, rifles and shotguns. They also have three firing types, single shot, semi automatic and fully automatic. To be safe with a gun the person using the gun needs to be acknowledged about the device. There are many people who own fire arms but, in 2009 civilians in the United States owned roughly three hundred ten million firearms and they number is increasing by the years (“Gun”). Understanding guns just leads more people to owning them, how is that safer? Understanding guns could lead more people to own one, but if that person really understands the gun then it is not dangerous. There will always be people in this world that owns guns, but if there properly educated and understand their fire arm then it can only make it safer. Gun control is a limitation on guns. People argue that if you can only do so much with guns, and only have certain kinds that the world would be a better place. That is not always true, the “United States would be a

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