A New And Reinforced Border Wall Along The 700 + Miles Of American And Mexican Shared Border

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American Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s proposal to build a new and reinforced border wall along the 700+ miles of American and Mexican shared border is controversial and divisive amongst American and Mexican communities. From an international ethics standpoint, the decision to build or not build such a wall would have a long-lasting effect on these regional neighbors, their politics, their socioeconomic spectrums, their respective sovereignties and the way in which they interact with each other. From a Rawlsian perspective of distributive justice of the social contract, the border wall uses the veil of ignorance to showcase how the weakening of borders can badly affect the sovereignty, sociopolitical and socioeconomic strength…show more content…
to execute low paid work while knowingly barring them from a path to citizenship. The proposed border wall has both symbolic and realistic significance in terms of its ideological definition and the realistic consequences of building, maintaining and patrolling such a structure. The dilemma that immigrants, both legal and illegal, face is symbolized by the wall. America quietly allows for immigrants to do the low-paid and basic jobs that they themselves do not wish to do, but they, at the same time, want to criticize these immigrants and not provide them with a way towards naturalization or betterment of their standing with the United States. Donald J. Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the American 2016 Presidential election, has proposed building a complete and securely patrolled border wall along the 700+ mile border between American and Mexico. Trump has called for complete cooperation and collaboration from Mexico’s government. However, ex-Mexican President Fox, and current Mexican governmental leaders, have stated that they will have no part in helping to finance and build a border wall. This has led Trump to provoke the Mexican government and state that he’ll only build the wall higher if Mexico does not cooperate (Justin & Stanley, 2016). As such, Trump is creating a political mess within American and
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