A New Cold Word Order

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A New Cold Word Order
Nowadays we face really serious dilemmas within the decision-making policies, which bring us in an unsuccessful global political situation. The conflicts in Middle East are getting worst everyday, which infects Middle East Countries and Europe itself. Someone may ask the question, which is the source of this big old Middle Eastern conflict, and we still don’t know the answer. Is it the failing of the International institutions that have been in place right after the Cold War end or is it the end of the counterweight between the big powers? Which is the solution of these conflicts? For sure we cannot pretend to give a solution in a breath but what can use dialogue or war? We …show more content…

“One primary reason is that the trust created by hard work and mutual effort in ending the Cold War has collapsed and without such a trust the international relations in today’s globalized world are inconceivable”. (Gorbachev) As the last leader of Soviet Union Gorbachev gives us his point of view of what the end of the Cold War supposed to bring, it was just simple as we think a safer world order by building new European Security Institutions but he thinks that instead of this the West – particularly the US- declared victory by letting the euphoria and triumphalism take the Western leaders heads. “Taking advantage of the Russia’s weaknesses and the lack of a counterweight, the West refused to heed warnings agonist claiming a monopoly on global leadership”. (Gorbachev) Gorbachev’s paper was published in “Project Syndicate” which is an initiative to assist newly independent media in post-communist Central and Eastern Europe. The contributors of the papers consist on twenty two Nobel laureates and forty two head of states which means that the audience is highly educated and highly interested in the world order policy making and politics. From the website we can see that the articles published can reach four hundred

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