A New Form Of Leadership

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Paul Ryan, current Speaker of the House, holds an antithetic leadership style to solve issues in the future of congress. However, it is not a new form of leadership we have seen in politics. Paul Ryan is a Republican and the Republicans do currently have power in the Senate and House of Representatives. Clearly though, the Republican Party is divided and struggles to solve current issues in congress. Currently this is due to collective action issues such as, the need for information, time, and coordination currently in Republican Party. What Paul Ryan has done to solve these issues so far is, unify republicans, and at the same time solve collective action issues and other problems thus far by giving congressional committees the power to achieve these issues. The history of Congressional power from 1890 to present day has varied from strong individuals, to strong committees. From 1890 to about 1910 the speaker would heavily influence the House of Representatives. Speakers had the power to appoint the committees to chairs, and had control of legislative agenda’s. But in 1910, a revolt had happened against Speaker Joe Cannon. Power shifted to the committees whose leaders were based on seniority. From the 1920’s to the 1970’s party influence was very weak and this was known as the era of committee government. Beginning in the 1970’s preferences of the party and its members became more similar. They did not have to be as concerned with the leader’s preferences, because it would
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