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A War With The Force
Star Wars: A New Hope, brought forth a diversification in the industry of not just a science fiction film, but a contemporary aspect of film in the late 1900’s. On the 25th of May 1977 George Lucas released a two hour journey through a dreamlike universe in which this exceptional exploration takes place. Star Wars fabricated the start of the science fiction film era. Science fiction provides an incogitable world that alters the thoughts of general world, and offers a chance for the reader or viewer to relate the altered world to their world. Star Wars offered this to dreamers of that time and bestowed a escape from reality on its viewers. This is illustrated when ¨Luke¨ played by Mark Hamill takes his first steps into a truly legendary expedition across the galactic universe. Luke is not alone on his dangersome journey along the way he finds his Mentor ¨Obi-Wan Kenobi¨ played by the ingenious actor Alec Guinness. Luke´s journey across the galaxy is distinctly related to The Hero Cycle, composed by Joseph Campbell. The Hero Cycle explains the events in which a character grows into a hero and fights their way through a fatal battle all to obtain elixir or experience. In this essay I will illustrate how Star Wars: A New Hope relates to The Hero Cycle. A New Hope first introduces Luke on a sandy desert on the treacherous planet of ¨Tatooine¨ where he is accompanied by R2-D2 a highly intelligent droid, and C-3P0 who is also a brilliant droid that can

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